Zach bylined eight stories and helped produce 13 podcast episodes for PBS MediaShift, a blog dedicated to covering the intersections between digital innovation and the journalism industry. He also regularly produced cross-posts from partner sites as well as edited social media posts and newsletters.

ify homepage May 15, 2013, which features the author's story.

A screenshot of the Storify homepage May 15, 2013, which features the author’s story.



Your Guide to Privacy by PBS MediaShift (cover)I also wrote Chapter 14 of PBS MediaShift’s guide to online privacy (or, I wrote an article that was republished as a chapter) on big data from my reporting at the Personal Democracy Forum.

Proceeds go toward The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Freedom House, both free speech watchdog organizations.

The books is available via Amazon, Apple iBook, Google Play and Kobo, as well as in print (coming soon).

I also helped produce the weekly Mediatwits podcast.

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