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In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a funny story about my family that involves a lot of flames.

If you like the story, do me a solid and vote. If I win, I get to take my girlfriend, Rachel Karas, to a two-night stay in Gettysburg.

(Full disclosure: Rachel is the education reporter for the Frederick News-Post, who is running the contest.)

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Today is my last full day in Costa Rica. And I’m OK with that. I’ve got a great winter break and semester in the works, and what I’ve done here has been phenomenal.

Hasta luego, Costa Rica. 

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The fact that seeing the gaping maw of an active volcano is considered a day trip here reminds me just how amazing this country is.

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I haven’t toured churches this intensely since my trip to Italy in 2010. But Costa Rica was the perfect place to do it. With such a rich history of Catholicism, the country is a rich case study in religious architecture, both old and new.

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Seeing the beautiful red-eyed tree frogs and learning how to make chocolate from scratch was a great way to close my study abroad program.

Don’t worry, I’ve documented both for you.

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I’m going to go ahead and call Monteverde the ziplining capital of Costa Rica. Absolutely incredible. Plus, some waterfall rappelling is quite the workout.

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The Caribbean isn’t restricted to the islands. Costa Rica has its own beautiful slice of tropical heaven. 

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Volunteering at a turtle conservation project in Matapalo was simply incredible. A couple of reflections and photos from the experience after the jump.

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Parque Nacional Carara was not my favorite trip, but a couple of cool pics here and there.

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I took some of my favorite photos of the trip at the white-sand beaches and lush jungles of Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio.