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IFSA blog 11.15.13 5


Today is my last full day in Costa Rica. And I’m OK with that. I’ve got a great winter break and semester in the works, and what I’ve done here has been phenomenal.

Hasta luego, Costa Rica. 

"First experience with culture shock highlighted the little things" on IFSA-Butler's blog

I’m here in Liberia’s Hotel Boyeros in Guanacaste, the northwestern region of Costa Rica. Guanacaste, in itself, has a fascinating story, as it voted to leave Nicaragua in 1824 and to annex itself to Costa Rica. But I’ll try to talk more about that later this month when the Ticos celebrate that decision in their annual festival.

Now, all of my reading up on Costa Rica’s culture and nature did help (I’ve been voraciously reading Lonely Planet‘s guide to the country), but I was still pleasantly surprised by what I found.

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