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Washington’s favorite cephalopod, the National Zoo’s female giant octopus Pandora, has died, the zoo announced Wednesday.

Pandora was 5 years old, the upper range of the median life span for her species, when she died Feb. 11.

Read the rest of the story in The Washington Post.

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I’m going to go ahead and call Monteverde the ziplining capital of Costa Rica. Absolutely incredible. Plus, some waterfall rappelling is quite the workout.

Check out my latest photos of my trip to Costa Rica.  

This first batch is from a trip to Cartago for el Día de la Virgen de los Ángeles, the annual pilgrammage to the church of Costa Rica’s patron saint. 

The second is from a trip to a zoo near my home in Heredia, called INBioparque. Lots of beautiful butterflies, flowers, animals, insects, trees and more.