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The National Zoo has begun to fill staff vacancies that contributed to the deaths of three animals and a zebra attack on a zookeeper last winter, zoo officials told a congressional oversight committee.

Zoo spokeswoman Pamela Baker-Masson said the zoo has hired seven animal caretakers and has plans to hire an additional 10 people for various other jobs. The zoo’s staff had been “spread too thin,” Baker-Masson said.

“Some of the problems that arose reflected some staffing imbalances that, while temporary, did put stress on the system,” National Zoo Director Dennis Kelly and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Director Steven Monfort said Wednesday in a statement to the Committee on House Administration.

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Washington’s favorite cephalopod, the National Zoo’s female giant octopus Pandora, has died, the zoo announced Wednesday.

Pandora was 5 years old, the upper range of the median life span for her species, when she died Feb. 11.

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For those of you who don’t have permission to see my Facebook (sorry), I posted plenty of the pictures from some of my more recent trips to:

And you can now view ALL my pictures from Costa Rica on my dedicated photography page on IFSA-Butler’s blog. With finals around the corner, captioning every photo is not a luxury I have. However, if you have questions, comment here, or comment on a specific photo. I’d love to answer them.