Adweek was right: “bone-crushing 6 minutes of awesome.”


It’s a Vimeo staff pick with more than 170,000 views. It’s been hailed as a “bone-crushing 6 minutes of awesome” by Adweek and “so spot-on, you’ll want to watch it twice” by CrushableSlate calls it the “epic movie mashup to end all movie mashups” and dubs it the “greatest, most epic movie trailer ever made.”

Thing is, it’s not actually a movie trailer. It’s lots and lots and lots of movie trailers. And instead of being an advertisement for a Hollywood film, it is, in effect, an advertisement for a 24-year-old Belarusian video editor named Vadzim Khudabets.

Khudabets spoke to TIME via email about what led him to create the Eterna trailer. Turns out it’s been years in the making.

He started by making video-game movies, but found it was the music used in movie trailers that stuck in his mind. “I got goosebumps listening to it…

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