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1. Your Place in It Can Change Rapidly

Never assume that your current position is permanent. Remember, even if you’re in first place and feeling hot – maybe even popping wheelies on your Sugarscoot and getting farther and farther ahead of the ne’er-do-wells – a flying blue shell can come out nowhere, directly headed for you and only you, and by the time you come back to your senses post-explosion you are in seventh place in the third lap with the finish line straight ahead.

This is also good news, however, in that no matter how far behind your traumatizing first three falls off of Rainbow Road into deep space may put you, a deus-ex-machina move from your old friend The Bullet can plunge you up to the front in an instant.

A doorman could win the lottery and an oil tycoon who lives in a Park Avenue penthouse could…

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