This was such a complex story to tell, it took a week to get it right. You couldn’t tell from the sleek copy thanks to some amazing help from my editors.

This story is a case study in what could happen in any neighborhood. Zoning matters, and these residents are learning that firsthand.

Residents in uphill fight against condo in neighborhood
The Washington Post
April 17, 2014

…under the District’s zoning code, the property at 1511 A St. has few restrictions on what can be built there, beyond limiting the height to 50 feet. And the new owner, developer Taiwo Demuren, wants to “bring to the neighborhood condominiums that will not be pricing out those who want to live in Capitol Hill,” he said.

Residents opposed to Demuren’s plans say the development would not fit in with the neighborhood.

“We’ve had these 100-year-old homes here forever, and nobody ever thought this was zoned commercial,” said neighbor Brian Weeks…read more…

Online: “Under zoning code, few restrictions on what can be built on NE property”