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The Eagle 3.6.14

In case you hadn’t heard, if you live in certain parts of DC, it is currently unsafe to drink the water.

Follow The Eagle for all the latest news on the water situation. I’ve been contributing reporting remotely (where it is safe to drink the water).

I did some reporting on road and sidewalk conditions in Northwest Washington during a snow storm in February.

Turns out my colleagues at The Washington Post were able to put it to good use. I got two contributing tags Feb. 5.

“Ice here and there but not everywhere, as the weather fault line divides the D.C. region”

“Freezing rain closes schools in Montgomery, Loudoun; slippery roads reported”

I had the privilege of interviewing Juan Pinera, a friend of the late Alfredo “Freddy” Tello, Jr., who was killed in 1997 by Samuel Sheinbein. Sheinbein was killed in an Israeli prison Feb. 23.

This the first A-section story for The Washington Post I have worked on. It begins on A1, and my contributing tag is on A5. It also lived on the homepage of above the jump.

It was a pleasure working with Dan Morse, Victoria St. Martin and Maria Glod on this story. Coordinated effort well done by all.

Grisly story ends in shots 6,000 miles away
The Washington Post
Feb 25 2014

Zach C. Cohen, Ruth Eglash, Victoria St. Martin and Jennifer Jenkins contributed to this report.

“A neighbor described the missing youth as a shy and conscientious teenager, the youngest of three children, who was ‘extremely handy with tools.’ ” — The Washington Post, Sept. 23, 1997 Samuel Sheinbein, then 17, a senior at Montgomery County’s John…read more…

You can also find the story online at

UPDATE Feb. 25, 10:34 a.m.: This post was updated with info on the print story as well as mentions of members of the team I worked with.

Snow days


There have been a lot of snow days in the D.C. Metro area. That should come as a suprise to nobody, given the weather we’ve had.

Here’s a roundup I helped compile last week on the snow days in each county. I reported on Frederick and Howard counties.