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The Eagle, nationally recognized

Photo by Eagle Editor-in-Chief Paige Jones.

Sometimes, for all the literal blood, sweat and tears, I wondered if it was worth it.

The answer was always “yes.”

Award or no, my experience working at The Eagle, including more than a year as editor-in-chief, has been the defining moment of my education, even though I wasn’t even a J-school major.

I could not be more proud of our team of reporters, editors, photographers, designers, business staff, you name it. It belongs to each and every one of them.

The Eagle, American University’s student newspaper, has an agreement to syndicate quality content through UWire to other college newspapers.

A pleasant surprise: Three of my articles written for the newspaper were picked up for UWire for syndication.

Zach Cohen's syndicated story via UWire headlined "Huntsman: I lost because I didn't pander," originally published by The Eagle

Huntsman: I lost because I didn’t pander

Former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has come a long way from getting his “ticket to ride” by finishing third in the New Hampshire primaries.

“Put whatever I’m going to tell you tonight in proper perspective, because I’m just a loser,” Huntsman told students and alumni at American U. on April 18.

Zach Cohen's syndicated story via UWire headlined "D.C. students react to East Coast earthquake," originally published by The Eagle

Students rally against student debt at Sallie Mae headquarters

American U. students joined their peers from other D.C. universities to protest high student loan debt on Oct. 28.

Protestors, including about a dozen AU students, marched in the streets from an Occupy D.C. camp in McPherson Square to the D.C. headquarters of Sallie Mae, a company that provides student loans.

On the way, the group of students and some teachers blocked the streets, making it impossible for traffic to pass.

Shouts of “Hey hey, ho ho, student debt has got to go,” and “When education’s under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back,” filled the air during the mile-long walk.

Zach Cohen's syndicated story via UWire headlined "Students rally againsdt student debt at Sallie Mae headquarters," originally published by The Eagle

D.C. students react to East Coast earthquake

American U. evacuated all on- and off-campus buildings for a short period of time following a 5.9 magnitude that rocked the eastern United States Tuesday.

No one on campus was injured in the earthquake and there was no apparent damage to any AU buildings, according to emails from the University.

The earthquake, centered in Mineral, Va., started around 1:51 p.m. and lasted less than a minute.

Do you know where these stories eventually appeared? Because I don’t. UWire asks its clients, of which The Eagle is one, to publish the story in print, not online, to retain the value of the original publisher’s post.

If you saw these stories in print anywhere other than The Eagle, please let me know and comment on this post.