Mediatwits #86: Social Media vs. CNN in Breaking News; Rise of The Guardian

When news happens, where do you turn first? A recent Gallup poll says most people still turn to TV, but if you followed the recent airplane crash at SFO or the military coup in Egypt, you know the action was on social media. We’ll discuss the role that social media plays in breaking news, how journalists are using social media, and what they can do better with special guests Vadim Lavrusik of Facebook and Yumi Wilson of LinkedIn. Next, we’ll talk about the rise of The Guardian, a British newspaper that has pushed hard online into the U.S., and how its recent scoops with Edward Snowden over the NSA snooping have brought it head-to-head with MediaShift’s Mark Glaser hosts, along with former paidContent editor Staci Kramer.

Get the back story on all of this news, plus bios of our guests.