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Looking for a paid internship via telecommuting this fall at a respectable news organization writing and editing in-depth analysis of the journalism industry? 

Look no further than PBS MediaShift, which currently has two openings, one for an editorial intern and the other for a podcasting intern. 

I performed both duties this summer. It would give me no greater pleasure than to find a replacement that will serve the amazing team at MediaShift well. 

If you have questions about the internships, comment below. If we know each other and would like a recommendation, please contact me

Move now: Deadline is Aug. 30!

May the Force be with you. 

Adweek was right: “bone-crushing 6 minutes of awesome.”


Despite all the advances in location-based computing and smartphones, so far there has been very little done to take advantage of these technologies when it comes to the news we consume — in part because none of the traditional media companies have put much effort into it. But now one major news provider is experimenting with exactly that: according to a report at Quartz, Google (s goog) is testing a local news product as part of its Google Now service.

Christopher Mims, a writer with the Atlantic Media-owned business news site, says a Google staffer mentioned the beta test of location-based news during an interview with him recently about what new search products the company was working on, including aspects of its Google Now service. According to Johanna Wright, vice president of search and assist:

“One thing we’re testing right now is a very local hyper-local news card, which…

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'8 tips for telecommuting'

My past two internships have been in an office, where I’ve had a morning and afternoon commute, had a limited lunch break, had to wear a suit, etc.

Doesn’t sound that appealing.

But working from home has its own difficulties and opportunities.

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On a personal note, this a really phenomenal video I want to share with you about my home synagouge, Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes, N.J.

This was shown at a gala in Rabbi Elyse Frishman‘s honor a few weeks back, and boy does she deserve it. She has been a force for good and an unending source of wisdom for my family, the temple community, and me.

Props to Adam Freelander, the rabbi’s son, who’s videography here is simply tremendous.