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Today was my first day at The Washington Post. It wasn’t too eventful, to be honest (we only did basic training, such as accessing email, filing stories, posting to the website, etc.). I’ll have more thorough reflections later this week.

However, my tweet announcing my arrival…


…ended up on Buzzfeed. Life achievement unlocked. Thanks for the shout-out, Benny Johnson.

Screenshot of my tweet on Buzzfeed

Fascinating project out of Montclair State University, where students do freelance video projects for cash-strapped newsrooms across New Jersey.

Video Assignment Desk (via NJ News Commons)

Video production teams from the School of Communication and Media are available to create FREE one- to two-minute video pieces focusing on local news stories to supplement editorial. The assignment desk provides a needed resource — at no cost to sites — for news sites that have limited resources…

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