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A very important milestone for

A very important milestone for

The website you’re reading right now has been a labor of love for about a year now. And yesterday, I passed a major milestone by publishing my 100th blog post.

I launched this website last May as a single home for all of my work online. It’s been a hugely valuable organizational tool for me when searching my archives for story research or job hunting.

But I wish this blog, as well as my Facebook and Twitter accounts, could be more of a conversation with you, my friends, family and strangers who read my articles.

I use the word “serve” purposefully when I describe what I do. I want to provide the news you need and want to hear. And I know you’re reading this blog (almost 3,000 views on this blog since I bought the domain just shy of a year ago).

So here’s my question to you: What do you want to see on this blog? On Twitter? On Facebook? What’s going to keep you engaged with what I do day-t0-day?

I want your honest opinion. I’m always looking to improve. 

Comment here, send me a tweet, or contact me privately. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

If you read my piece for New Voices comparing my experience as a Jew in Costa Rica and Israel, you weren’t the only one.

A number of bloggers read it as well and were not impressed. Some of it reached near libel and/or anti-Semitism. Read the responses for yourself. 

The home page of New Voices featuring the my blog post.

The home page of New Voices featuring the my blog post.

Shortly after my blog post went live, the Costa Rica Star responded (I think?) and confirmed my critique of their earlier article about me (I think?).



When a blogger or journalist furthers their personal brand within a newsroom, who benefits? The New York Times’ Nate Silver is moving his FiveThirtyEight empire to ESPN, the Washington Post is launching a tech policy blog, and the Times quietly killed its Media Decoder blog (which had no guiding personality). Which blogs work for which newsroom? How important is the blog chief’s notoriety to the blog’s success? The Daily Dish’s Andrew Sullivan, social media guru Sree Sreenivasan of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Tim Lee of the Washington Post will join us for a discussion of big-name blogging’s place in media organizations. MediaShift’s Mark Glaserhosts, along Andrew Lih from American University and former paidContent editor Staci Kramer.

You can watch the podcast LIVE every Friday at 10:30 am PT /
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